Quickfencer is a new concept for the unrolling and tensioning of wire fencing and now available with a built on post driver. This machine will save you time and money when erecting new fencing, making your job easier and safer. It is versatile and can be mounted on a tractor via a three point linkage, a front mounting, on a telescopic arm or the blade of a digger.

Faster  – Tighter – Easier – Safer
Saving You Time and Saving you Money

To save even more time the machine can carry up to 3 x 100 metre rolls of wire netting or 2 x 500 metre rolls along with a roll of barbed wire. The Quickfencer fencing machine is ideal for the erection of any type of fencing; stock fencing, ranch fencing, cattle fencing, sheep fencing, horse fencing and deer fencing.

Quickfencer works closely with Tornado Wire Ltd, Hampton Steel & Wire and Uniwire to develop wire products for Quickfencer machines that work flawlessly and enhance the speed &  safety of the fencing process.

Quickfencer Multi

The Quickfencer Multi will erect up 125cm Wire and is equally putting up 80cm sheep wire up and it works on the wedge clamping system.  On the opposite side you are able to fix up to 5 strand barbed wire easily, the rolling up machine and the hoist will also fit on.
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Quickfencer Farmer

The new Quickfencer Farmer is a very inexpensive 80cm machine with tie off facilities and can work on either side of the tractor, as shown in the pictures has the rolling up machine and the hoist on it which can be added as optional extras. Find out more…


New Re-Rolling System

We have a newRe-Rolling Machine for re-rolling wire which can be used again and can re-roll up to 400MT on one sleeve.
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New – Wood Processor

For the Biomass’Boilers which fits on a tetehandler or a 360 excavator. Can take up to 350mm diameter and up to 12 foot long. All done from in the cab.

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New – Postdriver with Post Carrier Attached

Postdriver with Post Carrier Attached

New – Metal Postpusher

The new metal Postpusher mast is more precise pushing in intermediate metal posts into the ground.
It also comes with the Hycon Hydraulic Postdriver fitted to the pusher, it will drive the 75mm metal strainers 4′ into the ground. The mast is interchangeable with our other maste Ie Bryce.
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Our New Hydraulic Post Driver

NEW – the perfect tool to drive posts everywhere…

High-performance post driver for fencing jobs, road signs, farming, forestry, vineyards – for any driving job.

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Our Products

Standard 80

Horse Fencer

Deer Fencer

Quick Clamp Attachment

Single Strand Barb Wire Attachment

Double Strand Barb Wire Attachment

4 and 5 Strand Barb Wire Attachment

6 Strand Barb Wire Attachment

6 Roll Plain Wire Attachment

Re-Rolling System


Stapling System

Quickfencer 360 Self Propelled Track Machine

Post Driver

Loader Bracket

Wire Sleeves

Quickfencer Hoist