The Quickfencer Post Driver is based on the Standard Quickfencer that is adapted to take a variety of Post Drivers to suit your individual needs.

The Bryce Suma is a popular choice.

This is a very heavy duty model with the following standard features:

  • 400KG hammer
  • one piece cast steel cap
  • 600mm side shift
  • up to 1m backshift
  • Back and side tilt
  • 500mm stabiliser leg

The following options are available:

  • Heavy duty Rock Spike
  • Moveable post caps

This machine is capable of driving a 3.2m (10ft) post or sleeper into the ground at speed

Other models with lower specification post drivers fitted are available with or without backshift and a smaller hammer weight.

Bryce-Suma-mast-with-rockspike Bryce-Suma-mast-with-rockspike2 protech5 QF-with-Bryce-Suma