Fits on a Standard Quickfencer and enables horse, badger and deer netting to be erected and tensioned. A 2.4m version will soon be available.

The tensioning system for the taller wires uses a patented clamping system instead of the normal Quickfencer swinging arm system.

This clamping system lets you stop short of the straining post, tension the netting then tie off without using staples. Alternatively you can tension past the post and staple the netting.

This Quick Clamp attachment is an optional extra for all the Quickfencer machines and enables the smaller standard Quickfencer to handle all types of netting up to 2m tall.

We can also make a stand alone Quick Clamp machine on special order.

The Quick Clamp Attachment can accommodate an additional, bolt-on, 6 strand barbed wire attachment.

Quickclamp attachment on standard qf
Quickclamp attachment on standard qf