This is our new Re-Rolling Machine for re-rolling wire which can be used again and can re-roll up to 400MT on one sleeve.


new-re-roll3 Quickfencer Re-Rolling Machine
Quickfencer Re-Rolling Machine

The QF re rolling attachment can handle all forms of wire from a single strand up to 2m high deer netting.

It is possible to roll up the used wire as tight as the factory supplied original.

With recovered wire that is suitable for re use it can then be rolled out again directly from the re roller by disconnecting the hydraulic motor and feeding the wire through the Quickfencer as normal and tensioned in the usual Quickfencer way.

It is most suited to be fitted as an add on to the standard and the Horse Fencer machines.

The attachment is capable of working in both directions.

This is a very popular option and can also be fitted to your existing machine.

Re-Rolling-Machine re-roller-2