Farmer 80

The New Quickfencer Farmer

The new Quickfencer Farmer is a very inexpensive 80cm machine with tie off facilities and can work on either side of the tractor, as shown in the pictures has the rolling up machine and the hoist on it which can be added as optional extras.

Multi 125

Quickfencer Multi 125

The multi 125 works well with all heights of netting up to its 125cm maximum. It is a perfect partner for the 4 or 5 strand Barbed Wire Dispenser attachment.

Multi 2000

The Quickfencer Multi 2000

The new Multi 2000 can errect any height of wire up to 3 meters, down to a single strand. It comes with the tilt mechanism and a top link as standard. Both sides of the machine have gripping tube with a 2mt + 125cm clamp.

Compact 80

The Compact 80

The newly updated Quickfencer Compact is designed specifically for small tractors and is not suitable for any tractor of 70hp 4WD and above.

Standard 80

standard 80 with big roll

This machine is now superseeded by the Farmer 80 and is only available for special order.

24L Compressor

24 litre, heavy duty 12V air compressor unit with 8 bar cut out and direct battery connection.

Re-Rolling System

New Re-Rolling System

This is our Re-Rolling Machine for re-rolling wire which can be used again and can re-roll up to 400MT on one sleeve.

Hydraulic Post Driver

Hycon Book Page

High-performance post driver for fencing jobs, road signs, farming, forestry, vineyards – for any driving job.

Air & Gas powered Staple Guns

This air powered staple gun is light and strong and has a high work rate. It is the only gun on the market that takes a 40mm staple

Loader Bracket

Loader Bracket

A head Stock with 3 point linkage on one side which attaches to the Quickfencer and a choice of either loader or telehandler bracket at the other.

Wire Sleeves

Wire Sleeves

The wire sleeves are designed to make the handling of all types of large rolls of wire easier and safer.


Wire Twister on Post

A simple tool which fits in your cordless drill and makes a fast and economical way of joining rolls together

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