Testimonials for Quickfencer

"The Swear box is nearly empty"
W. Baumber Agricultural fencing contractor
“Because of the nature of our work i have fitted the Quickfencer to the front loader on our tractor and am amazed that i have managed to carry out the amount of fencing i have done over the last 22 years without it. it Has helped make our job easy!” “For the first time in a long while we had no cut fingers or wet knees and the swear box is nearly empty.”
“So much safer than unrolling wire by hand”
Phillip kirk of p&f Kirk
“It is so much safer than unrolling wire by hand – when you Get to the end of a roll it is awkward and dangerous and the quickfencer holds the netting firm while the next roll is positioned.” “It is Easier to see what you are doing with the unit at the front and i can have the post driver on the rear linkage, I can carry three rolls at the same time which avoids going backwards and forwards.” “It saves no end of time if you are working by the metre, but the main benefit has to be the increased safety.” “Superb, we are well impressed…A drunk monkey could work it “
Fencing Contractor Gloucester
“We have Quickfencer and post knocker, Superb, we are well impressed, using it all the time. Over engineered. A drunk monkey could work it, is so simple to use.” “ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT wouldn’t do fencing without it “
A Coates & Sons Lancashire

Our Best Report

Our best report to date is from a machine sold in Northern Ireland which has put up 28,000m of fencing in just 12 days.

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