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A New Generation of Quickfencers

The next generation of Quickfencers have all the points of original standard 80, but now tie off to metal or concrete posts.

What is Quickfencer?

Quickfencer is a new concept for the unrolling and tensioning of wire fencing. This machine will save you time and money when erecting new fencing, making your job easier and safer. It is versatile and can be mounted on a tractor via a three point linkage, a front mounting, on a telescopic arm or the blade of a digger.

Faster  – Tighter – Easier – Safer
Saving You Time and Saving you Money

To save even more time the machine can hold 2 x 500m rolls, up to 7 barb wire attachments and multiple plain wires. The Quickfencer fencing machine is ideal for the erection of any type of fencing; stock fencing, ranch fencing, cattle fencing, sheep fencing, horse fencing and deer fencing.

Quickfencer Works with Fencing Companies

Quickfencer works closely with Tornado Wire LtdHampton Steel & Wire and Uniwire to develop wire products for Quickfencer machines that work flawlessly and enhance the speed &  safety of the fencing process.

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