Farmer 80

The new Quickfencer Farmer is a very inexpensive 80cm machine with tie off facilities and can work on either side of the tractor, as shown in the pictures has the rolling up machine and the hoist on it which can be added as optional extras.

Like all QF machines the QF 80 will take:

  • 2 x 500m rolls of net
  • Up 7 barbwire atatchments

We strongly recommend the QF sleeves when using the bigger netting rolls.

They allow easier handling when loading and unloading rolls and also make pulling the wire manually off the Quickfencer much easier.

The machine is capable of working in both directions.

The Quickfencer Farmer is so strongly made it should last through three generations of use.

The New Quickfencer Farmer
The New Quickfencer Farmer
Farmer and Barb and Hoist
Farmer and Barb and Hoist

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