User Tips for Quickfencer

Here are some useful tips which may help you with Quickfencer. Click here to download the file or you canread them below:

Tip 1

  • When netting rolls need joining don’t let the roll end leave the pivot arm
  • Raise the 3 point linkage and join the netting within the pivot arm
  • This is easier than working on the ground

Tip 2

To load big rolls without using Quickfencer sleeves:-

  • With the roll on its side thread a sling through the roll centre
  • Insert a 600mm x 20mm steel bar through the sling bottom
  • Raise the sling and roll using appropriate loader
  • Before lowering onto Quickfencer post :
  • Place a cut off wooden block on the ground next to the Quickfencer post
  • This prevents the roll from touching the Quickfencer deck when loaded
  • The steel bar can then be safely removed and the sling taken away
  • The Quickfencer and the loaded rolls can then be raised by the 3 point linkage
  • The big roll then settles on the Quickfencer deck and the wood block can be removed

Tip 3

To Tie off at strainers method 1:

  • Use the normal method of paying out and tensioning the netting
  • Place an angle iron over the netting against the post
  • Coach bolt the angle iron to the post thus gripping the tensioned netting
  • Cut off enough netting and tie off to the strainer
  • Remove the coach bolts and angle iron

Tip 4

To tie off at strainers method 2:

  • Use the patented Quick Clamp
  • Stop short of straining post
  • Clamp the netting with the Quick Clamp
  • Tension the wire
  • Cut off leaving enough length to tie off to strainer
  • Tie off to strainer
  • Remove Quick Clamp
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